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Very well made

IU loved the way you did this and the battle was cool, though i didnt love the sounds as much, i think they could have been a bit different

Wow, I wasnt expecting that

I didnt think it was going to be that well done
Great voice acting and I enjoyed every second of it.

That was awesome

I loved every second of it... Priceless face in the background.

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Random bloody violence is my favorite thing :D

Really neat idea

I like it so far

15 minutes well spent

I really enjoyed playing tis game, personally i think the music could have had more variety. Other than that, very fun.

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I really enjoyed this, made me happy to listen to, I liked the repetition this song had for some reason, i think it worked with the slight changes to the instrument but similarity in the notes.

It might have just been the way I was feeling at the time I made this comment, but this completely set an entire image in my mind, a storyline, setting, feeling, everything. Wanting to use this in a film i'm planning on making this winter... Would that be okay? ._.

ErikMcClure responds:


As a lover of literally every single music genre, (Well, at least a few songs of each) I tend to look at each part of the song individually, and all in all, i really enjoyed the way every single piece of this seemed to fit together. Also, i loved the buildup, almost twice as much as the actual song, and I loved that part. But by far, the drop part between 1:44 and 1:47 was my favorite few seconds.

killapickle1 responds:

Thank you very much cenajus, im glad you like the song :). I also have to say that the buildup was also one of my favorite parts of this aswell, i just dont see people taking time to do this as much anymore and i feel that the buildup is one of the most important parts of a song. Thanks again for the review, It made my day :)

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